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  • What is the private workshop for?
    A private workshop hosts just 1 or 2 people so there is more time and space for guidance. A private workshop is suitable when there are special wishes like the making of wedding rings. But also for people who prefer a private workshop. We go a lot faster with only 1 or 2 people :-) When you are a group of 3, please contact me.
  • Can you also start on a different day or time?
    Send me a message with how many you are and your wishes. So I can see if we can arrange someting
  • Can I make my own design?
    Yes, you can create your own design. Some designs aren't suitable when we want to finish before dinner ;-) Have a look at what other people make. That is a good indication. When in doubt, please contact me
  • I don't speak Dutch, can I still join?
    I speak Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. So when you speak any of these languages, I am sure we'll be all right.
  • Can we melt down old rings?
    It's great to give a new life to an old jewel. working with old gold is always a challenge. It is not suitable to do that in a crowded workshop. Please book a seat in a private workshop.
  • Can I also make multiple rings?
    Yes, you can. I love stacking rings. A spinner ring is also an option and very popular to make.
  • I would like to make a gold ring, is that possible?
    Gold is very expensive and most people prefer silver. I don't have gold in stock.
  • From what age can you participate?
    From the age of 16 you can make something really beautiful. Sometimes someone is a little younger but very handy ;-) Just consult with your parents
  • Can I also work with my own stones?
    I work with gemstones with a flat back; cabochons. If you have that, we can work with it. It can be a challenge because it is not always clear what type of stone it is and not all gemstones can withstand ultrasound, for example. In any case, take it with you.
  • Wat will be the cost of material?
    The cost wil vary depending on your design. All sterling silver is priced so you know in advance what your ring will cost you. Gemstones are available in various price ranges. I am sure you are able to find something beautiful within your budget.
  • Can we also come with a larger group?
    4 people is a nice amount of people to work with. I have 6 seats so it is possible to expand the group but i will affect the designs. It will be too crowded to set 6 gemstones, for example.. Please contact me when your group is larger than 4.
  • Do you also do repairs or assignments?
    No, I just host the workshops.
  • What appliances are there in the kitchen?
    A fridge and freezer, A microwave/oven, a percolator for coffee, a waterboiler, smoothy maker and contactgrill. The is also a BBQ (Weber) for you to use
  • Bed linen, towels, soap, laundry etc.
    Towels, Bedlinnen, kitchen towels are available. Basics are in the kitchen like salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, detergent, coffee and tea. In the shower you will find a blowdryer, shampoo, conditioner, soap
  • Check in, check out
    Check in is from 15:00 an onwards. Checking out up to 11:00
  • Are there adjustments for children?
    There is a small crib, games and crayons, even a beautiful old dollhouse. But no fence for the stairs or other child adjustments. When there are special wishes please contact me.
  • Are the dogs allowed?
    No, unfortunately. I love dogs but the house is frequently booked and some guests do not appreciate dogs and dog scent
  • Where can we park?
    You can park next to the guesthouse. That is for free and on the premisses
  • What is there to do nearby?
    There a lot to see and do in the area. A lot of people visit the street vendors in the neighbourhood and do some bird spotting. Biking and hiking, musea, castles, and last but not least; an open air swimming pool in walking distance.
  • Is the WiFi fast?
    Yes, super fast.
  • Can I also book for a longer period?
    Unfortunately not. Our local government does not allow a stay longer than 4 weeks.
  • Can we also come with a group/family?
    There is enough room for 6 people to sleep. A queensize bed downstairs. A queensize bed upstairs in the masterbedroom and two single beds upstairs. There is also a crib for a small baby.

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