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Absolutely, you will really design and forge your own ring!

It handy when you already have an idea of what you want to make. If you're curious about what others have created during the workshops, clickhere to see some examples!

It's fun to work with your hands and discover how to make a ring in a traditional way. We often bring things into our homes without thinking about the craftsmanship behind them. But a ring that you have designed and made yourself carries your personal touch. That makes your ring extra special.

I have been giving this workshop since 2017. I will guide you through every step of the process to create your unique ring. The workshop fee is 25 euros per person per hour, and when you book you have reserved 2.5 hours of fun. That's enough time to make a beautiful silver ring. If you would like to incorporate a gemstone into your design, we will need more time - allow approximately 5 hours.

We get to work with sterling silver and possibly a beautiful gemstone.  I have a lot of cabochons, smoothly polished or with beautiful facets. From round to oval, square or a bit more whimsical. We bet you'll find something great here? 

The workshop does not include materials, so you have the freedom to design whatever you want. The prices of the materials are clearly indicated, so that you know in advance what the costs for the design will be.

Some people are quite handy and can do almost everything themselves. I will assist you so that you always go home with a beautiful result. And of course you can wear your homemade ring immediately - a unique piece of jewelry that you can be proud of!

A workshop is usually with a maximum of 5 people. If you would like to come with more people, please contact me.
Also please call if you want something special, such as processing the ashes of a loved one or a piece of gold from your grandmother's ring, for example. 


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