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In our Guesthouse, right next to the farm, you wake up in the morning to the clucking of chickens. No, I don't have a rooster ;-)

Picturesque Abbekerk is less than a half-hour drive from Amsterdam and only 10 minutes from Hoorn. Here we are surrounded by charming farmhouses. It is a place of peace, space and friendly people who greet each other and are there for each other, especially when it really matters.

Hop on your bike and explore the lovely ribbon villages nearby. Be enchanted by the colorful tulip fields and find a cozy corner for a delicious picnic. The local supermarket is within walking distance and caters for all your needs.

Brand new


We settled here in the summer of 2022. Our farmhouse dates from 1910 and has a rich history. In the 1970s it was home to a market vendor, a candy seller named Dirk Drop, whose name can still be seen on the roof tiles.
We have now completely stripped the Gasthuis and made it more sustainable. Solar panels and geothermal heat meet our energy needs. Everything is brand new and sparkling. The self-contained house covers 115 m2 and offers a lot of privacy, with a double bed downstairs and soon two spacious bedrooms upstairs. Soon there will be room for a total of 6 people.

The kitchen is well equipped, the bathroom has a stylish appearance and the living room is spacious. You have everything you need... well, almost everything, because the TV is missing, it's not there. A good internet connection, by the way. 


Of course you have a wonderful place to enjoy your meals outside! Right next to the guest house, in the middle of the orchard, there is a cozy picnic table to make summer evenings even more fun.

Our garden extends behind the farm and almost every day you can find us there, working in the vegetable garden or just having a nice chat with you, our guests. The yard is a lively place with 9 free-range chickens and two mischievous young cats.

At the Guesthouse we have a folder full of fun ideas for activities in the area. When the sun shines, bicycles can be rented in the village for a nice ride. And if the rain shows up, a goldsmithing workshop might be exactly the creative challenge you're looking for.


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